Oasisfle.com description. Oasisfle.com has ##781203 rank on the internet. This rank shows site's popularity. Lower rank means more visitors that site gets. This website is estimated to get 83 unique visitors per day. These unique visitors make 89 pageviews. We estimate that this website earns at least $157000 USD per day with advertising revenues so it can be valued at least $9 USD. This site has a 2/10 PageRank. It has 29 backward links from 29 domains, 14300 backward links from .edu domains and 51 links from .gov domains. IP address of this site is We detected that the average page load time of this website is 167.37 seconds. We give this domain a SEO score of 84/100.


Site Title Oasisfle.com
Alexa Rank #134
Pagerank 2/10
Yandex CY 28
Backward Links 9
Unique Domains Backward Links 1
Backward links from .Edu sites 8
Backward links from .Gov sites 28
Load Time 167.37 Seconds
Daily Visitors 83
Daily Pageviews 99
Seo Score 84
Daily Revenue $7800
Website Worth $157000
Primary Country France
Alexa Rank in Primary Country #30
IP Address
Server Location France

HTML Analysis

HTML Size: 14300 Kb External Links: 18
Internal Links: 99 H1 Tags: 220
H2 Tags: 194 H3 Tags: 151
H4 Tags: 215 H5 Tags: 28
H6 Tags: 50 Iframe: 90
Scripts: 74 Objects: 53
Forms: 95 Total Images: 7

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Alexa Traffic Analysis

Oasisfle.com is ranked ##781203 on the internet. This rank shows site's popularity. Lower rank means more visitors that site gets. Most of users come to this website from France. This website is ranked #2 in France.It has 83 visitors per day, and has 89 pageviews per day. Click on the tabs below to get more info.

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 No. Country % Traffic Daily Visitors Domain Available Domain
 Oasisfle.ac Oasisfle.ad Oasisfle.ae Oasisfle.af Oasisfle.ag Oasisfle.ai
 Oasisfle.am Oasisfle.an Oasisfle.ao Oasisfle.aq Oasisfle.ar Oasisfle.as
 Oasisfle.au Oasisfle.aw Oasisfle.az Oasisfle.ba Oasisfle.bb Oasisfle.bd
 Oasisfle.bf Oasisfle.bg Oasisfle.bh Oasisfle.bi Oasisfle.bj Oasisfle.bm
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 Oasisfle.ck Oasisfle.cl Oasisfle.cm Oasisfle.cn Oasisfle.co Oasisfle.com
 Oasisfle.cs Oasisfle.cu Oasisfle.cv Oasisfle.cx Oasisfle.cy Oasisfle.cz
 Oasisfle.dj Oasisfle.dk Oasisfle.dm Oasisfle.do Oasisfle.dz Oasisfle.ec
 Oasisfle.ee Oasisfle.eg Oasisfle.eh Oasisfle.er Oasisfle.es Oasisfle.et
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Address: France

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 Trustworthiness   Do you trust this website? Is it safe to use? Does it deliver what it promises?   Excellent     93 / 5 
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Domain Name Analysis

Oasisfle.com is
Domain Name: Oasisfle.com
Created: 23-12-2012
Expires: 19-11-2012
Name Server: ns40.Oasisfle.com, ns50.Oasisfle.com, ns60.Oasisfle.com

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Google Pagerank 2/10

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We found 7800 meta tags on Oasisfle.com.

Meta Content
 description  Oasisfle.com  asisfle.com  aasisfle.com  basisfle.com  casisfle.com  dasisfle.com  
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 keywords  Accueil

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We found that the main page of Oasisfle.com has 18 external links and 99 internal links.